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Motivate, Inspire, Nurture, Direct and Empower






SamT has accumulated unique and universal life lessons in the United States and abroad to Motivate, Inspire, Nurture, Direct and Empower (M.I.N.D.E.) those who seek to fulfill their own purpose in life. He has addressed entrepreneurs, students, church communities, business leaders and more. He especially enjoys speaking on topics that align with his values of hard work, grit, empathy, compassion, continuous improvement and stewardship.

Speaking Topics

In this talk, Sam recounts his years as a teenager growing up in Sri Lanka to a motivated college student in the US. Being inspired by his parent’s sacrifices and love, Sam’s presents his “Recipe for Entrepreneurship and Stewardship” that helped him accomplish success in education and business. By “Starting With What You Have”, applying “Creativity Over Capital”, and "Having Gratitude”, these ingredients are the stepping stones to a foundation in entrepreneurship.

As a co-author of “The First 10 Runs in Singles”, Sam shares life lessons that he learned through playing cricket. Now as a CEO, businessman, author, and thought leader, Sam shares principles from cricket that help him succeed in life such as watching the bowler’s arm, building a foundation, recognizing the googly, and taking your guard.


What is servant leadership? How do the meanings of these words change when they are brought together? Who initiated this practice? In this talk, SamT shares the attributes of a servant leader and how to apply these characteristics in all aspects of one’s life.   

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