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Through this site I hope to inspire others to achieve their God given potential, defy critics, and thrive in the face of adversity.



People call me SamT, but my full name is Samuel Prakash Thevanayagam. I am a Sri Lankan-born American, thought leader, entrepreneur, innovator and aftermarket expert. I am also a husband, father of five and active leader in my community and church. My mission is to inspire others to achieve their god given potential, defy critics, and thrive in the face of adversity. I created the SamTNetwork to provide inspiration for students and young people passionate about entrepreneurship, stewardship, and servant leadership. 

My Latest TED talk

Life is a lot like cricket! Throughout his childhood in Sri Lanka, Sam Thevanayagam’s father used the game of cricket to teach him practical life lessons. These lessons shaped his journey from reckless teenager to eager business student living abroad in America. Now as a Naturalized American, CEO, entrepreneur, husband, and father of five, Sam has co-authored “The First 10 Runs in Singles” based on the lessons that defined his success. From recognizing the googly and practicing discernment, to taking your guard and asking for guidance, you can learn how to use these principles to succeed in the game of life.

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