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The First 10 Runs in Singles - In Antigua

Last week I had the opportunity to travel to the island nation of Antigua in the Caribbean to present The First 10 Runs in Singles Personal Leadership Seminar. This event was hosted by New Life Assembly of God Antigua. Having traveled to Antigua on mission trips in 2015 and 2017, teaching these pivotal leadership lessons to those hungry for achieving their God-given potential was an important goal of mine.

Working with Pastor Billy Roman, the seminar was held over two nights, allowing us to dive deeply into the material and gain an understanding of how attendees could take this new information and immediately apply it to their lives. Helping the participants engage in the leadership building activities and learning how they interpreted these lessons was energizing and informative. I look forward to following Pastor Billy and his congregation as they apply the lessons to their personal leadership journey.

I also had the opportunity to speak with radio and television host William Dorset and his co-host Jermaine Lewis of God First Radio on their Monday Morning Segment. Very excited to use the radio medium to reach more of the local community with leadership lessons to help build capacity and capability in reaching their God-given potential.

As the 2019 Cricket World Cup approaches, I cannot wait to further spread the message of learning, hope, and development that can be applied in all seasons of life.

Special shout outs to my wife Danilyn for helping with certificates, Bethany McClure for providing childcare so that mom’s and dad’s could attend, Tracy Cooper for helping me shape the study guide that complements my book and coaching me on the Socratic Method of Teaching and Javier Santana for translating into Spanish.

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