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A Challenge in Antigua

I challenged my wife and daughters on our recent vacation to Antigua that we stay in a villa and prepare some of our meals rather than stay in an all-inclusive. Food is very expensive on the island. They agreed. By stretching our resources, it allowed us to bless two missionary families serving in Antigua. What we gave up was not much, but it made a difference as both families were ready for some fellowship and familiar faces.

When I first moved to the US the Eckhardt’s, the Gould’s and the Caccese’s opened their homes and made me feel welcomed.

I did not realize when Fran Caccese (my first boss’s wife) taught me to cook a pork shoulder or when my mom taught me to cook a chicken curry in 1991, that I would scale my cooking lessons to feed large groups around the world. I could not have predicted that my pork shoulder and chicken curry would become dishes not only to fill the stomach but to encourage the soul. On Thursday evening, we cooked and fed 30 people while on vacation. There were leftovers!

God is good.

Don’t wait for it to all line up! Start with what you have and let the recipe lead to great fellowship and memories that count for eternity. This is God’s economy, that we offer what we have and allow Him to multiply it to bless others. May He receive the glory, even from roast pork shared among friends.

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