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The First 10 Runs in Singles Launched in Urdu and English in Pakistan and the Micah Cricket Club.

This past June I was able to visit the country of Pakistan to launch my

book, “The First 10 Runs in Singles” in both English and Urdu, and to host

several events pertaining to the book in Lahore and Karachi: two leadership

seminars, two T10 Cricket Tournaments, and speaking at a church service

in Karachi. “The First 10 Runs in Singles” was written on life and

leadership lessons taken from the game of cricket; it is a book that

simultaneously inspires and educates its reader! This material and

teachings from the book will help to build the capacity and capability of

local leaders so that they may continue to tackle the adversity in their lives

and to use those tools to build these strengths in others.

I would like to share with everyone an inspiring accomplishment from my

Pakistan trip. After the success of the two T10 tournaments, our team

found the Micah Cricket Club in Karachi, Pakistan with the goal of bringing

together the local community to continue to build upon the life and

leadership lessons, as well as provide fellowship and inspiration to the


The name for this cricket club was inspired by an abbreviation of a verse in

the Bible, Micah 6:8 which says to “act justly, love mercy, and walk humbly.”

Along with forming the cricket club, I have motivated each player to read

my book, “The First Ten Runs in Singles”, in hopes of having them grow

their spiritual life with God as well as develop leadership skills. The Micah

Cricket Club will give the players an opportunity to practice the strategies of

the game. I am proud to report that the Micah Cricket Club continues to

practice and grow, practicing several times a week and even winning their

first match! In addition to growing the Micah Cricket Club, our local

Pakistan SamT ambassadors have continued to spread the lessons from

“The First 10 Runs in Singles” to several local church communities,

presenting them with copies of the book in both English and Urdu.

I believe that cricket has a unique way of connecting and empowering

people- the sport is challenging, but very rewarding. I hope to continue

educating and inspiring young people to look beyond just the logistics and

rules of the sport, but to also gather life lessons that will strengthen

themselves and their community. My hope is that as Micah Cricket Club

continues to expand and grow the book and lessons from will serve as a

resource that will strengthen these players and motivate them to lift up

those around them.

One of my main goals for the SamT Network has been reaching people

who are in need of the message of hope, resiliency, and faith; particularly in

regions such as the Middle East, where many people from South East Asia

travel looking for work. Through educational and social programs, I believe

in building leaders within the community. By empowering these leaders with

education, they are able to work as a community towards overcoming

extreme poverty and social and economic stigmas. By providing continued

education to the population, these leaders and the lessons of faith they

teach will continue to grow throughout Pakistan for many years to come.

The need of the hour is to teach young people the skills that they need in

order to achieve their God-given potential. I look forward to challenging

new leaders to change their actions and behaviors, and to pass these life

and leadership lessons on to build a stronger community in Pakistan.

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