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A Place To Begin…

Being a keen student and teacher on leadership, entrepreneurship and stewardship, I would like to share with you various facets from these topic that come to mind. Please feel free to comment and give me feedback so that we can build on and tweak what is being shared here. I read recently in lean innovation methods that one must preserve what is working and pivot from what is not. I invite us to do the same.

To be honest, I’m not sure what exactly I’m going to blog about around these topics, but I can assure you that I will share what I have learned, that I will be open and frank, that I won’t polish or package the hard truths, but also that I will be encouraging and remind you of your own strength and resilience.

So for now, I welcome you. Thank you for reading and here is what I’m thinking about right now as a teaser to my first blog post…

As I look back at my own life something that is easily overlooked and glossed over in the light of success is the failure I have experienced. What is also true is that I have experienced failure in every season in my life; from middle school, to high school, working my first job in college, in my career, marriage and fatherhood. Some of the failures were inconsequential, some not so. In every case I had to pick myself up and do something about my situation. How did I do it? What comes first? When then? To create success, one thing is for sure, you must be able to embrace failure…

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