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Meeting Sunil Gavaskar And The Southern California Cricket Association’s 79th Annual Awards Banquet

Several weeks ago I had the unique honor of being part of the Southern California Cricket Association’s 79th annual awards banquet. Since the release of my book, The First 10 Runs in Singles, I have been eager to connect with other cricketers located in the United States. And once I heard the keynote speaker was Sunil Gavaskar, a lifelong hero of mine, whose approach to the game epitomized many of the principles encapsulated in the First 10 Runs in Singles, I jumped at the opportunity to be part of this awesome celebration.

Sunil, or Sunny as many fans would adoringly come to know him, was one of the most prolific test batsman and opening batsman in test cricket history. Playing for the Bombay Cricket Team and Indian National Team in the 1970’s and 80’s, Sunny would set records for the most test runs and the most test centuries scored by any batsman. Watching the highs and lows of Gavaskar’s career and his ability to adapt to the ever changing climate of the game inspired me throughout my career as cricketer.

As a part of the SCCA’s awards banquet, I anticipated my moment to speak with Sunny. This event was buzzing with the excitement of all of these cricket fans eager for the chance to meet their childhood hero as well. After giving my speech and listening to Sunny speak, I jumped at the opportunity to have a one on one conversation with him regarding the First 10 Runs in Singles. Sunny did not disappoint…we talked for several minutes about cricket and life, business and his prolific career. I had the opportunity to present him with The First 10 Runs in Singles. And as Sunny has written several books, I enjoyed connecting with him as a fellow author and cricket enthusiast. I’d like to thank the Southern California Cricket Association for allowing me to be part of their banquet.

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